Boost Traffic And More With Digital Content Syndication

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January 17, 2020
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A Beginners Guide on B2B Content Syndication
February 13, 2020
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Boost Traffic And More With Digital Content Syndication

Just like any other business, the centre of the content marketing strategy of your company’s blog is very likely your’s. But, when you are new in the content marketing project, the chances are that zero people are visiting your blog all by themselves, irrespective of the fact how good and unique content is up there. It is definite, you can, and you should spend hours o the promotion of the content and SEO so that new readers can find you. But, it can take weeks if not months for your content strategies and tactics to start showing some positive and real results.

Digital Content Syndication is the process where the content of your blog itself turns into a mechanism for promotion, thereby placing you in front of the new audiences and getting your new member and reader more quickly. In this process, your article, blogpost, any piece of web-based content and videos get pushed out to the other third parties of the content world, so that they can republish it on their websites, which have a regular footfall. And, if your distribution strategies or your distribution partner carries out their SEO work properly, it does not create duplicate content.

There is no doubt that there surely will be any two or more versions of your content on the Internet. Usually, Google only indexes one of the two versions, that is, Google will decide which article should appear in the search results and which other to ignore when such circumstances arise.  And Google does not penalize you for it either. But, there is a definite way to ensure that all the juice pumps towards your unique and original content.

Who is it for, and why would you use content syndication?

Content syndication may not be the best strategy for every business. Still, it is instrumental if you are an upcoming writer or a small publisher who wants the audience on a larger scale from an authoritative site. It is best for those who wish to showcase their ideas and brands in front of the larger audience. Let’s be honest if you have your content published on a reputable website, you are likely to get much more extensive exposure to the audience who are not your own. It is after exposure that the audience may visit your blog on their own.

Content syndication is also a matter of your priorities as you will sacrifice a few benefits in exchange for your access to other person’s websites and audiences. If your focus is on getting your brand visibility for creating brand awareness, social shares, and follows, or if leading is one of your primary goals, then to begin with content marketing, followed by content syndication, will be extremely beneficial.

Why should you go for Digital Content Syndication?

It is evident that if you are new, you have limited traffic. Limited traffic is leading to a complete waste of your excellent and unique content on your blog living where there are very scarce eyeballs to scour through them. When you syndicate your content to a third party, you get better use of it by placing it in front of a larger audience, whom you might want to attract to your blog eventually.

More than often, big websites also have extensive social media following, apart from large website audiences, as well. And, ultimately, you are allowing your social media audience to grow when you syndicate. You gain a lot of visibility due to content syndication, on various social media platforms, because of the larger website’s own social media promotions of the syndicated content followed by the subsequent shares of their audience.

In general, when you syndicate your content, it may cannibalize a little of the traffic from the genuine content of your website, but in the longer timeline, you will still have time to bring the viewers to your audience circle. The visitors of the external syndicated content will even help to set your brand in moving regardless of whether in due course of time they visit your website, follow you on social media or share your content.

The most popular outlets for content syndication

There are a few places to consider when you are looking for third parties through which you may choose to syndicate your brand’s content.

Multi authors’ blogs, which are syndication friendly- Business multi author2 Community is a publication that allows to accessible automatic syndication of content through the blog’s RSS Feed, which is very useful for business-related content in several types of industries. If your searching specifically for social media and digital marketing, Social Media Today is another publication that works similarly to B2C.

Social Networking Platforms- Top Social Media Platforms have their owns Social Mediabuilt-in Long-Form Publishing tools, like the Quora Blogs, LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform, and Facebook’s Instant Articles and Notes. These are a few platforms where you may very quickly republish your brand content and take the full advantages of the content discovery features and along with their audiences.

Bogging Platforms- It is a perfect idea if you are seeking to explore yourBlogging-Platform content republishing and syndicating options on other blogging platforms. These platforms already have their own built-in larger audience, apart from the Blog section of the company website.


When is the right time to syndicate your content to other outlets

As soon as you decide which websites to target with your efforts in Content Syndications Solutions, considering the timing when your syndicating article is going live for maximum visibility is also very crucial.  The Syndicated blog will go live after the original version, but the real question is, after how long?

Ideally, it is essential to wait to syndicate your content before the indexing of the original version is complete by search engines and is even ranking. Also, ensure that Google has seen your unique content, and the link to the same is set up precisely.

You must understand the syndicating is not a link building strategy, but the links are crucial for the success of Digital Content Syndication.

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