Better connect rate with verified contact lists

Why is it important to have a good contact list
Is Your Sales Team Struggling Because of Bad Contact Lists?
April 12, 2022
Lead Generation using ABM Strategies
Lead Generation using ABM Strategies
May 11, 2022
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Better connect rate with verified contact lists

A contact list is a source of connecting to prospective customers. But as you grow the list, you will encounter fake, illegitimate, or misspelled contacts.
Sending communication to these contacts or calling them can wreak havoc on the success of your campaign or sales drive.

A higher bounce rate can cause harm to your domain’s reputation. Also, it will drop down the connect rate.
Your email will land in the spam folder or undelivered folder.

Contact verification is the process of rechecking and revalidating the genuineness and validity of each contact on the list. It empowers you to remove undeliverable contacts and send only to the right ones.
How is contact verification done? And why is it important to verify it now and then? Let’s dive in.

Verified list of contacts

Contact is fundamental of your marketing strategy. By that, you can tap the best prospective buyers. Your sales team contacts the customers and ensure their engagement. However, before you start the work, it is essential to establish a verified list.

Then, you can expect a good response without wasting your resources.
Every successful sales campaign begins with the contact funnel. You need to make a list of contacts who are interested in your products and services.

When do you call a contact list verified?

You can call it when it contains precise contact information. These are the people who have shown a keen interest in your company.

Contact validation is a procedure that verifies if the contact list is valid and deliverable. It is a swift process. It catches typo errors. It could be a mistake or purposeful.

Hence, verifying a contact list, one can organize and clean the list of contacts. But it also helps in protecting the number of contacts. You can maximize the efficiency of the sales team.

Better Return on Investment

One of the biggest expenses with a sales campaign is contacting thousands of prospects that are not interested in you, or worse, don’t exist at all!

Putting efforts into contacting such people will have a great impact on your budget. The more such contacts are, the more it will cost your company.

Since you spend a few bucks for contacting every single customer. Improper contacts will increase your cost, but without any possibility of return.

Therefore, your ROI will go down, On the other hand, a validated contact list will tap the right and legitimate customers only.

The more sales you get, the more ROI you will generate. In the fierce competition today, it is essential to maintain the return on investment. It maintains your profitability.

It improves the contact success rate

Customer contact remains one of the best ways of generating business. Therefore, it is vital you try to protect the success rate of your sales campaign. Maintaining a quality contact list is a must if you want to build a long-lasting relationship with clients using through rate.

Why is contact cleaning crucial?

Contact verification solutions can offer valuable insight into your customer contact list. You remove the liability of non-contactable contacts from the list. You take the ROI higher. You end up with an enriched customer database that will lead to success.

Undoubtedly, these benefits are valuable. You protect the domain’s reputation. You bring down the bounce rate and keep your salesforce motivated.

A properly maintained clean contact list is very much essential for a successful sales campaign.

You maintain a comprehensive database

Studies say that 20 percent of organizations lose clients because they do not have an accurate and complete data set.

Yes, and interestingly 80 percent of sales managers are not even aware of it. Therefore, maintain a complete and validated contact list. Verify it and reach the right place.

You get rid of duplicate data

As mentioned before, your sales team gets frustrated by a duplicate contact list. It is because they call the same customer again. It wastes efforts unnecessarily. It is a time-consuming method.

Therefore, removing duplicate records will bring effectiveness in the contact database. Also, your efforts do not get wasted.
When you neatly verify and validate the contact list, it doesn’t contain any duplicates. It trims down the failure rate.
Contact is the only way to communicate with your customers. It is an innate part of running your business. To maximize the benefit, it is important to keep in mind that the contact list is valid and without any error. Errors are common, and the best way to avoid them is to use contact list validation.

Contact validation keeps your contact database neat and clean. It is another major benefit of it.
When you want to keep deliverability issues at bay, and want to improve customer engagement and save time and effort in adding new customers; you need a contact validation process in place.

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