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November 15, 2017
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When you launch a startup business, you are quite excited about it. You feel that the product you offer is best in the class and your marketing skills are far superior to others.

However, to your disappointment, your business adds to the growing number of startups that crash and burn within the first three years.

Why does it happen? Well, it is inevitable. When nobody knows about your business, it is doomed to fail. There is no doubt about it.

Who are the achievers, then? Very simple; those who can get the most leads!

Even if their product is just an average and their marketing skills are mediocre; they win because they generate more leads.

More leads mean more money.  More money means higher profitability. The rationale is simple.

Here are some impactful and impressive ways of generating good, high potential leads.

Get engaged with the leads directly

Yes, marketing gurus praise the approach of direct customer engagement a lot. It is not a great idea to choose indirect engagement.

Make use of every possible avenue to connect directly; help center, forum or even live chat. Customer representatives should be available round-the-clock, to grab every potential lead.

When the queries are responded well, and the information is given comprehensively; there is very less possibility of missing the target.

The customers you engage well will generate a better word of mouth, and of course, more leads.

Don’t underestimate the power of inbound and outbound marketing

Experts rate outbound marketing higher than inbound marketing in effectiveness. However, it is always better if you follow a balanced approach.

Make the email communication as personalized as possible, share informative and useful content in online forums, and resolve common customer issues.

It establishes a healthy relationship with the clients. It eventually converts into more leads.

Be a technology leader

You should always be a trendsetter, not a follower. Make use of the technology that is trending everywhere.

Put money in making your marketing efforts compatible to the new devices and modes of communication.

By keeping a close watch on the emerging technology and communication channels, you can get more leads.

Find leads on the social media

Don’t limit the use of social media channels to connect old friends or share photos and videos. Make it an effective source of potential leads for you.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; all these are not just social media platforms but incredible business tools.

LinkedIn has emerged as an important business-centric social media platform in the recent years. People use it to pull potential leads as well.

It is a good platform to publish content to the audience which is already engaged.

Use the power of automation in marketing

What if you use an application or a tool to automate the marketing efforts? A well-formulated popup or email marketing can be managed by automated tools.

It not only eliminates the human dependency but also makes the activity more efficient.

You can develop methods of collecting the information of the prospective clients automatically and using an autopilot tool to convert them into legitimate business leads.

Participating in forums could be a great idea

A forum is a right place to know about the customers well.

The more you know about them, the better you connect them. It becomes much easy to contact the customers with a lucrative, highly potential offer.

When you are active on forums, you can share the views, answer the questions and resolve the queries.

There have been several cases where entrepreneurs earned big profits by remaining active in forums.

You can make use of Quora as well. It is a social networking site dedicated to questions and answers. People from the whole world keep on posting questions there and get answers.

If your answers are found useful and informative to the readers, they will definitely spot your profile and land up on your website as well.

 Blogging is the best

Whether you write comments on blogs of others or write guest blogs, it helps in getting your name visible. Remember, it will eventually generate more leads for sure.

Don’t be a miser in giving comments or offering help to others. The more comments you give; the more leads you get.

If you are following the path of writing the guest blog, then write what is relevant for the audience.  Also, you should be able to send the readers back to the appropriate landing page.

Choose a site for your blog which is well respected by the audience.

A video can make a big difference

YouTube is far more popular than any other social media platform today. It is a powerful search engine, not just a video hosting platform.

Since the posts remain for quite long time here, you can reap big benefits in the long run.

You can create and maintain your own channel. Make videos and share particular events, tutorials or other informative things.

You will distinctly standout from the competitors, and attract more leads eventually.

Email marketing is a slow and steady yet proven way

In spite of the emergence of many other avenues, email marketing still retains its charm and utility. It works on the concept of direct engagement.

To make it more effective in lead generation, you should keep it concise and crisp. Make the subject line so interesting that the recipient is forced to open the mail.

If it contains a solution for the problems being faced by your potential lead, then it is very likely to be opened by the reader.

Integrating social media links in the email enhance its effectiveness. Embedding image enhances the engagement level.

Also, don’t forget to include CTA or Call T Action in the email.

By using these useful and effective ways, you can get high potential leads that will get converted into sales for sure.

Since lead generation spans at multiple touch points, you need to assess the performance of every touch point so that the best can be focused on.

Constant fine-tuning will take you to the most optimal strategy.

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