What are the benefits of digital content syndication?

A Beginners Guide on B2B Content Syndication
A Beginners Guide on B2B Content Syndication
February 13, 2020
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July 27, 2020
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What are the benefits of digital content syndication?

The process of digital content syndication provides you a lot of advantages. It helps you gain visibility and improves your SEO. However, it has to be done the right way. There are also a few pitfalls that you need to know of.

One of the biggest benefits of digital content syndication is that it helps you provide your content with a greater degree of exposure to your target audience. When you syndicate your content you are putting it in front of people that you are targeting as the audience. It could be that without such an effort on your part they may have not become aware of your business. There are some big websites that do such stuff and they have a commendable presence on social media as well. By availing their services you can easily use such a huge following. This also means that you have the chance to create a viral effect for your content.

It gives a boost to your SEO

By availing content syndicating solutions you would be able to provide your SEO (search engine optimization) processes a significant boost. In order to do this, however, you have to make sure that you are doing the work the right way, to begin with. This way your content would get extra bylines for authors. You would also get some high-quality websites linking back to your website. In such cases, you are able to control the anchor link of the text and this is an added bonus for sure.

It can generate good leads for you

As has been said already, such services help you expose your content to a new audience. This could prove to be great for your business prospects as well. This is because such exposure can get you some great new leads for your business as well. When you republish your content you can meet your target audience in a much better way. You can meet them where they are and provide them what they may already be looking for. This is applicable to the places where they may already be searching.

It promotes your business in an implicit manner

A lot of people frown on the very prospect of syndicating content, which happens to be promotional in nature. However, this could prove to be good for your business as well. This is because such work allows you to get some good links back to your website. The same is applicable for your various profiles on social media as well. By using content syndication you can always employ the call to action in your articles and blogs.

It improves the overall reputation of your brand

When you republish your content on high authority sites, which are well established too, you improve your brand dramatically.

Such work creates a position for you in your industry as a thought leader. It makes your brand a lot more reputable as well. If people think that you are credible as a source there is a high likelihood that they would do what you ask them to do as well. They would adhere to your message.


However, this does not mean that there is nothing wrong with content syndication. There are a few teething issues that you need to be wary of in this particular regard.

They may be enumerated as below:

  • Creation of duplicate content
  • The possibility that you would outrank your own content
  • You would not be able to collect emails
  • The websites where you are doing the syndication could be disreputable
  • The leads could be poor in terms of quality

The biggest issue that you could possibly face with content syndication is the creation of duplicate content. Google basically abhors it. The very act of content syndication is such that there is always a high possibility that you are creating duplicate content. After all, when you post your content on another third party site that is what you are doing.

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