B2B Lead Generation Tips: How to make your lead generation campaign successful – Part III

In our last blog B2B Lead Generation Tips: How to make your lead generation campaign successful? Part II, we discussed some basics of prospect list development and importance of lead qualification.

Today we will discuss important aspects of appointment setting on a cold calling list and how it can support the B2B lead generation process.

The main purpose of the B2B tele-calling is to set an appointment with a potential client that may lead to lucrative sales. If you are calling on a list of cold contacts then it is important to prepare before the call. Tele-callers should look for points (like probing and challenging questions) to make rapport with the prospect – decision makers. Website can be a major source for this as it provides valuable information like press releases about new product/services launch, new appointments or funding news. Also, it’s important that reps are prepared with basic answers for gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are not your enemies and have lot of information.

All the stake holders and decision makers should be properly defined to the tele-callers so that they can prioritize. Script should include probing and challenging questions which can help provoke prospect or help in building rapport. They should also be provided with list of important potential objections. Major qualifying questions should be encrypted in the script in such a way that prospects don’t find the questions too intrusive.

You shouldn’t be too pushy and force your prospect to make the decision on first very call.    Whenever any prospect asks you to send more information by email make sure to get their correct email id and direct phone number. It is very crucial to regularly follow up with such warm prospects as tele-calling is all about long term and reliable communication.

While setting appointment with you prospect, make sure that the sales team is available on the suggested date and time. Send a calendar invite with call details to the prospect and a reminder email a day before the call. All these small points can make a huge different in your appointment setting process and making your lead generation campaign successful.

In our next blog post we will discuss aMarketForce’s lead nurturing and lead scoring services and how it can support the B2B lead generation process.

aMarketForce’s B2B lead generation services ensures that clients have a consistent and reliable resource for lead generation. The aMarketForce marketing and sales groups work as an extension of their clients’ internal sales team by calling verified contacts and qualifying them to a level where the outside sales team can go in with a high probability of a close. To know more about our B2B lead generation services email us at info@amarketforce.com.

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