B2B Content Syndication to Boost Demand Generation

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B2B Content Syndication to Boost Demand Generation

When you build a website, you spend a great time creating outstanding content. It is because you want to keep the readers engaged and you want to increase retention. Indeed, the power of content is tremendous.

But it is not sufficient to provide amazing content on the same platform month on month. To reach a larger audience, you need to follow some different strategies.

Content syndication is a good method to achieve wider coverage to the content, earn more referrals, and in turn develop the business.

What is content syndication? It is the process of publishing previously published content again. It is often called web syndication or link building.

You can recycle outdated content while also increasing organic traffic to the website by republishing it. Let’s understand content syndication and its use in boosting demand generation.

In this blog, we will understand content syndication and enhance demand generation.

What Is Content Syndication?

For many large enterprises, B2B content syndication is a master lead generation strategy. When you publish expert content, e.g., blogs, whitepapers, and videos that are aimed at reaching a particular segmented customer account, you can call it content syndication.

When you are a B2Bmarketer and you want to generate the number of leads from your content syndication campaign, you typically agree with the syndication provider on the specific number.

To achieve that, you must post a certain amount of proprietary content on the website by regularly publishing it. When companies engage in a bidirectional exchange of content, they need to develop content syndication strategies between complementary and non-competitive companies. Thus, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

What is the biggest reward of syndicating content? It is the enhanced capacity for content publication output. And it gives higher revenue.

Content Syndication and Lead Generation

When you use content syndication, you save time for both- the original creator of the content and the republishing site also.

If you are a content creator, then you get more benefits and engagement from the same piece of content. And you do not need to take an effort of creating new content.

If you are a third-party site, then content syndication will save you valuable time in creating your own content. Instead, you can continuously direct traffic by posting a combination of republished and fresh content on the website. The benefit you get is tremendous.

When you use content syndication, you build brand awareness as well. The benefit is the possibility of reaffirming the brand that already exists and building a brand that is new in the market.

By providing niche content on a third-party website, you increase credibility. It establishes the business in a specific industry and encourages traffic to the original content.

One more benefit of content syndication is that it increases the shelf life of the content. It helps to increase value over a long time. Your brand gets more visibility, and you have more relevant traffic.

We know that there is a direct connection between visibility and demand generation. The more people visit your website, the more potential leads you will have.


Since you know content syndication, it is important to learn how to implement it in your business. It is time to try it out by developing excellent content on the website. But what if you do not get much traffic, then your ideas are wasted away because nobody reads then? Then you should try out syndication. When you use content syndication well, you achieve higher brand visibility with very little effort.

Content syndication generates leads by building the perception of the brand positively, you can expect that the business gets higher leads.

What will content syndication strategy do for lead generation? It is essential to understand what it will do and what not.

When you publish content on some other website, you may not get benefited every time. There is no guarantee that people will click on your link. They may read the content on the syndication site and go away. They will never visit your site. This risk you have to take.

For most marketers, bringing in traffic is a common issue. Especially, when you expand a brand, it becomes more critical. You have to develop quality, develop relevant content, and optimize reliable content. These tactics increase the popularity of your website. Content syndication stands out differently because it boosts SEO performance, it assists brand awareness, and is cost-effective.

If your priorities are different, then you may take that sacrifice.

But if you want that your ideas and brand must be discovered by many people, then you should use a content syndication strategy. As the time passes and your content gets more shares, as you build more equity for your brand, and people start recognizing you for your product and services, you can expect more footfall and higher lead generation.

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