Advantages of Content Syndication

Lead generation for the software industry
Lead generation for the software industry
February 27, 2023
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March 28, 2023
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Advantages of Content Syndication

When you share your digital assets on your website, it has a limited visibility. No matter how good your digital marketing strategy is, it cannot reach people beyond a certain limit. Content syndication vendors enhance this task by using a network of publishers to post your content. Thus, your content appears in front of the right audience and a large audience.

Two primary goals that can be achieved well by content syndication are brand awareness and lead generation. Out of that, brand awareness is a fairly widely known goal, and most of the users use content syndication for that.

But lead generation content syndication is also a different yet specific goal. Instead of marketing the content to a broad audience, you target specific accounts or personas. When people engage with your content, you receive their contact information to build a list of new leads.

Therefore, it can become an essential part of an effective targeted marketing strategy where you focus on quality more than quantity.

But when you think about content syndication benefits, then they are not limited to these two but are many. Here are they.

Your sales pipeline gets Quality Leads

Lead generation is a great challenge for marketers in the fiercely competitive market today. It is because of the abundant online information available to people. It is difficult to attract leads to your website unless you take some concrete steps.

B2B business is furthermore complex. It is because you have to deal with heavy budgets and products. Moreover, the decision-makers are also big. So, it is very unlikely that the first interaction will end in a conversion. The first touchpoint will need a lot of nurturing.

For that, you have to use techniques like distributing digital assets to many sources. Content syndication can be a big help.

Get Your Brand in Front of the Right People

If you generate a hundred leads, but there is no use if none of them ends in a conversion. When you want good profitability, content syndication is the only answer. It doesn’t mass distribute it but sends to a targeted audience. It ensures that only prospective buyers see it.

Increase marketing reach

There are billions of websites. Only SEO strategies are not enough often to get your website seen by the right audience. It is because of the high competition. If you use a few marketing channels for generating leads,  then you will not be able to tap your entire potential market.

Content syndication widens your reach. It takes the content in front of more people than your website. It reaches other marketing channels, and it has platforms with extensive networks of providers with large audiences. You can filter and target to ensure that you get in front of consumers that match your buyer persona.

Easy performance tracking

Due to pressures on the bottom line of your balance sheet, you don’t want to spend more resources on tech marketing.  More expenditure will hurt your marketing return and revenue goals.

To streamline the marketing efforts, an effective strategy is to make use of content syndication. It ensures that you use resources optimally and see the best return on investment.

The right measurement of ROI is necessary for optimizing the strategies. It shows you how effective particular strategies are and where to tweak them if necessary.

However, you must understand that no content syndication company will give any report that will underline the content performance. However, it is evident by the quality leads that your marketing team can nurture. It is the result of making your content visible to a more mature, suitable audience.

With these good leads, your marketing goals can be achieved easily. The number of leads you receive shows the effectiveness of content syndication.

You can perform an Account-Based Marketing

Statistics say that around one in every five marketers use account-based marketing (ABM) strategy already. And thirty percent of the remaining want to build one. Looking at such enormous potential, it is a wise thing to use it as a major strategy for generating leads.

You can know the importance of targeted marketing efforts that reach individual accounts. Regular content syndication practices are not sufficient for successful Account Based Marketing. But lead generation content syndication can accomplish the goals efficiently. It is because it works on a single account and not on the  general public. Also, it is customizable because of filters, targeted account listing, and so on.

For example, an expert content syndication company brings your content to your audience instead of waiting for the audience to come to you. It gives you better control over who sees your content and what type of leads you bring in.

Thus, with the right strategies in place, you can reap the fruits of Account Based Marketing strategies using content syndication.


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