Accurate Contact Database is a Key to Successful Marketing Campaigns

Importance of accurate validated contact lists
How Verified B2b Contact Lists Can Foster Your Marketing Efforts
February 2, 2022
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March 7, 2022
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importance of accurate contact lists

Collection, analysis, and use of customer database play a vital role in building a business. In the modern era of digitization, more than 60 percent of companies admit that it can give a great thrust to business performance.
It is the reason, having a precise and comprehensive contact database is essential. It can steer a better return on investment.

Experts say that looking at the big importance of customer database in business enhancement, it is a must that entrepreneurs put the effort in keeping the sanity of it. Here comes the importance of contact validation.

Contact validation is a method to capture and clean data. It increases the accuracy of the customer database. With the help of an efficient contact verification solution, we can verify, correct, and standardize contacts automatically. This method can be used for the authenticity of corporate and residential information.

Valid contact details are so valuable to business because it directly impacts the returns of your marketing campaign. There could be various sources of contact data. When you collect contact details, it may be possible that there are no validation tools imposed. Thus, you may have a contact database with erroneous values.

At each point of data acquisition, the data should be verified before it goes into the database.

How does an accurate contact database help marketing campaigns?

When you put the effort into designing marketing campaigns, you try to get the best output. Therefore, it is important to keep the contact database validated and verified.

Thus, you will be able to leverage it for marketing and achieve great success. Here is how it helps you.

You have a comprehensive database

When you verify the contact database, it becomes comprehensive. Its quality improves because all incomplete or inaccurate records get removed.

There is no point in maintaining a database with errors. It has to be checked and corrected.
Statistics say that 20 percent of businesses lose customers because of inaccuracy or incompleteness of the data, you do not have to worry if the contact database is checked and verified.

You do not have duplicate records

Running a marketing campaign is a costly affair. Hence, you do not wish to waste any money. When there are duplicate records in the contact database, you unnecessarily touch a contact multiple times.

Thus, there is a wastage of resources.

By validating your contact database, you trim down the bounce rate and reduce lost mail pieces. Your tracking outcome becomes precise.

You do not touch at wrong customer address

Marketing campaign has to be precise. When you contact a customer at an incorrect address, the outcomes could be severe.

A well-maintained contact database is thoroughly validated and verified. Therefore, there is no possibility of wasting your effort.

You get accurate campaign insight

Since you spend considerable money on running a marketing campaign, you want to know about its effectiveness.
Once you clean the contact database, you will be left with contacts that really exist and can receive your marketing campaign. All action taken by you will be reliable and accurate.

Since not a single communication is sent to unengaged contacts, you know that every response is legitimate and valuable.

Thus, after every campaign, you can use the data and generate insight.

You achieve better customer engagement

Because contact validation and verification remove incorrect contact details, the remaining ones are the real ones.
As a result, you get an accurate picture of what your contacts want. So, when you next time run a marketing campaign, you know that the results will be better.

This is one of the principal benefits of contact validation.

You have a better ROI from the campaign

A verified and clean contact list automatically means you are running a well-targeted marketing campaign. By doing that, you have a better opportunity to engage your recipient. Your contacts find the campaign relevant, and they are more likely to buy the products.

The important benefit of contact verification is you are putting the resources in a better and more efficient manner. The cost of running a campaign will go down and the revenues increase.

It gives you higher return on every penny you are putting in.

You can set goals better

Don’t expect that the contact list will be built automatically. No, you will have to do an effort for that.
Running a marketing campaign will be successful when it reaches to the intended contacts. When the contact details are validated, then you can set goals for the marketing campaign well.


Each business has different goals, priorities, and concerns. In this context, you have to establish specific measures to maintain a verified, validated, and accurate list of contacts. The chances of hard bounce get minimal when you maintain the right contact list. Your marketing campaign yields good results and higher revenues.
Therefore, make every effort to correct the contact database.

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