5 Sure-fire Strategies for an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

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Email-marketing has been the backbone for enterprises across the globe over the years; however what used to work 5 years ago doesn’t work anymore. The ever-evolving online marketing industry requires us to revisit email marketing strategies every now and then. Renowned and competitive email campaign management services providers understand this fact very well and hence are able to keep up with the competition. If you are reading this, chances are that you would like to know what strategies leading B2B lead generation companies in California adopt in order to get ROI and conversion that counts. So, here are 5 sure-fire strategies for you.

Personalized Emails and Subject Lines

Subject lines can make it or break it. By choosing subject lines that are engaging and drive your target customers to open emails, can get the half job done for you. Email subject lines with the recipient’s first name improve the open rates by a margin of 15%. Emails starting with “Dear Customer” come as a bummer. Addressing your customer with his or her first name such as, “Dear Helen” or “Dear Kevin” adds personalization to your emails.

Mobile Friendly Emails

Only 27 percent of all marketing emails used to get opened on mobile devices in year 2012, which today has jumped to 61%. By sending emails which are not mobile friendly, you will only drive away your customer. They will either delete the email immediately or unsubscribe to your emails as soon as they see it. Good companies offering email marketing services in USA, follow ‘Mobile First’ mantra for the same reason.

Email Campaign Elements Must be Tested

For an effective email campaign that performs well, it is important to test vital elements on a regular basis. A/B test important elements such as subject lines, Call to actions, messaging, target audience, sender’s name, design and personalization. Testing landing pages and email templates help you with vital data to make well-informed and practical decisions.

Automation of Email Campaigns

Automation of emails which are trigger based is a good idea. These emails are automatically sent out on the basis of user behaviour. Commonly, these include welcome emails, transaction related emails and so forth. Trigger based emails are found to have 49 percent higher open rates. Average click through rate (CTR) of trigger based emails is almost double of the conventional emails.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is extremely important. You cannot expect a recipient based in another country to attend your event taking place, if it is of no interest to him or her. It’s a good idea to hire a reputed B2B lead generation company in California for effective customer segmentation.

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