3 Content Syndication Mistakes to Avoid In 2019

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April 29, 2019
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Content syndication is important. And, it is not about SEO. It’s a content marketing tactic that you just can’t avoid. In fact, content syndication services provide ample amplification services via an extended network. Syndication services will increase the reach of your content to an unprecedented size of the audience. Building a sound strategy to distribute and redistribute relevant contents to strategic audiences is crucial. However, you might hear that there are content marketers who are not getting the desired results. This is often because they are making one mistake or the other. If you want expected results from your content marketing efforts, avoid the following mistakes:

Too many filters:

There are networks that allow you to filter leads. Most of the time demographic filters are used. There are also other filters that you can choose from. But as per what expert white paper syndication service provider suggests, avoid too many filters. Each filter adds an incremental cost to the lead.  So, play a balancing act while filtering in “good” leads. If you syndicate content to a niche site you should be able to use fewer filters. However, in an ad network, there are too many filters to be used.

Poor content quality:

Content, more so, the abstract that you begin your contents with should be well written. Your content should be convincing enough for a visitor to download or use. So, write valuable content and action-driven descriptions at the beginning of the contents. Effectively written contents can increase the lead volume significantly.

Failing in applying six-sigma methodology:

A systematic approach towards a process of syndicating content is important. There are five steps that content syndication services should follow – define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. Reliable end to end demand generation services will define the overall marketing strategies and storytelling goals. Thus, you could get the expected number of visitors to your sites daily.

aMarketForce can help you overcome such pitfalls and turn content syndication to your advantage. Consult our experts on content marketing to get the best out of the content that you create. Good luck with syndicating contents!

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