What can aMarketForce do for you?

aMarketForce provides B2B marketing, sale and customer support services to growth companies, with a focus on lead and demand generation.

We support B2B lead generation by creating accurate, focused prospect lists for sales teams, and support demand generation by developing clear messaging and targeted communications to decision makers and influencers.

We focus on companies where sales teams do everything from prospecting to lead development, qualification and nurturing, plus managing the sales cycle. We offload non-core sales activities from your sales team so that they can focus on selling, while we provide the sales-support activities. Find out more…

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Why spend on digital marketing?

Allocating digital marketing budget is a nightmare for CMOs of many B2B companies. While many companies are still struggling with offline marketing activities, aMarketForce helps clients by integrating online marketing processes with offline marketing processes and thereby creating an end-to-end B2B marketing approach.

aMarketForce supports planning, design, implementation, reporting and management of multi-channel digital marketing campaigns across varied industries. aMarketForce offers email marketing, SEO, PPC management, social media marketing, blogging and website management services. Find out more…

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Where are your target prospects?

Are your field salespeople still making cold calls to find target prospects? Your sales team needs a good list to maximize prospecting effectiveness. Bad business email lists are waste of time.

aMarketForce’s prospect database development service ensures that clients get a ready-to-use custom B2B email list of pre-qualified, validated prospects for their sales force.

Along with the list of validated contacts, aMarketForce can provide detailed contact information to the target decision makers and go as far as generating B2B leads and appointment setting. Find out more…

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Are your customers happy?

Only way to find out if your customers are satisfied or not is by doing customer surveys and directly asking them.

aMarketForce can execute and manage statistically designed end-to-end customer surveys and provide clients with deep analysis about their customer’s behavior.

Focused on researching, analyzing and compiling survey results, aMarketForce’s market research team can provide clients with individualized survey feedback and findings key to many business decisions. Find out more…

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Is your drug discovery and development process slow?


Streamline your drug discovery and development process with aMarketForce. aMarketForce accelerates innovation by helping pharma, biotech, clinical research companies and research laboratories to integrate R&D and marketing during the new product development phase. aMarketForce offers high-end drug discovery, bio-informatics services such as literature informatics, disease informatics, bio-markers and clinical research informatics services.

aMarketForce also offers intellectual property (IP) rights and patent informatics services.

Find out more…

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Services Overview

Inside Sales
Inside Sales

Are your field salespeople still making cold calls from outdated lists? Make their time more productive – Give them better qualified leads using our inside sales services.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Is it easy it to find your website online on Google? aMarketForce can help you by integrating online marketing processes with offline processes.

Inbound Help
Content Syndication

aMarketForce helps in generating whitepaper leads through a mix of syndication, digital marketing and tele-calling techniques.

CRM & Automation
CRM & Automation

aMarketForce offers a wide range of CRM and Marketing Automation services to manage your customer relationship management and marketing objectives.

Life Science Services
Life Science Services

aMarketForce’s scientific team has years of proven experience in variant and data analysis and interpretation, literature informatics, disease and biomarker informatics, bioinformatics, drug discovery informatics, patent informatics services.

Marketing Communications
Marketing & Research

From large companies to SMBs – everyone needs 3rd party help while dealing with new strategic marketing initiatives. We offer end-to-end strategic marketing services.

End-to-End Demand Generation Services

Demand generation is the practice of designing targeted marketing campaigns for your products/services to increase opportunities and revenue. Building customer awareness is one of the important components of demand generation.

aMarketForce has significant experience in providing end-to-end demand generation and B2B lead generation services to companies of varied industries. Our demand generation services include all elements of inside sales, digital marketing and automation services.

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About aMarketForce

aMarketforce is an ISO 27001 certified outsourcing company that serves as the back office support for sales and marketing departments of US-based companies. We specialize in providing critical services required for increasing your revenue and maximizing shareholder value. In addition, operating from our offshore centers allow us to provide our clients high value at low costs. Our services cover all aspects of marketing communications such as list development, marketing campaigns, customer and technical support.

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